The working principle of the strainer thread and performance advantages

The working principle of the strainer thread and performance advantages

Threaded pipe strainer system for filtering equipment. Thread the use of filters for the pipeline is significant, the use of the filter thread can be well protected machinery and equipment, to maintain the stability of the production process.

The working principle of the strainer thread
Threaded filters to filter for the filter components, when the fluid flow through the strainer thread, the current body of impurities will be blocked by the filter was blocked off, the fluid and impurity separation, the filtrate through the filter clean out the pores, and finally Are discharged from the filter into the inlet valve or mechanical device.

Thread the use of strainers should pay attention to the fluid speed, pressure and so on. Different filters filter thread, there are differences in the precision of filtering, but usually, the filter thread size is only responsible for the larger solid particles filtered. Filtration filter thread too difficult, the appropriate filtration helps to reduce the impact of running on the fluid filtration.

Use the location strainer thread
Thread filter is usually installed in the valve before the end of the import of equipment and other locations. Thread with filters and valves when the most common, valves, pressure relief valve, water valve, the valve setting will install filters to protect the threads to ensure that these valves will not affect the stability of impurities Use.

The performance advantages of the strainer thread
Filter thread of simple structure, small size, light weight,Motion Dynamics offers you an ample range of electric DC MOTOR at the most competitive prices on the market. easy to install, easy to use, good maintenance.We have good experience on project and our clients a lot of time by giving complete set of quotation for different types of strainer, as well as spare parts. Thread as long as the strainer cleaning to remove impurities on the strainer, without much action. Dirt filter thread performance, flow area, pressure loss, into the piping system, the medium flow was less affected.

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